#79 Coworking Bansko Entrepreneurs Come To The Mountain

Cynthia Ord coworking in Bansko with manager, Irina

Cynthia Ord coworking in Bansko with manager, Irina

Matthias Zeitler, Irina Pandeva, and their client Cynthia Ord, talk to me about their new initiative for coworking space (coworkingbansko.com) that is putting Bansko on the map for digital nomads. Ski and work in the mountains, all year round. Why not?

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#70 Summer Travel Tips; The Special Guest Episode

Where are the hidden gems to travel to in Bulgaria this summer? Are you sure where will suit you and your family this summer? Should you visit Serbia? John Murray, Nasko Tonchev, Nikolai Mitev join Rebecca, and I, to share the places we know and enjoy. 

I increasingly enjoy spends much time in Plovdiv and have reached the conclusion this city strikes  the best balance for as wide a range of people as anywhere else I have been.

Plovdiv is perfect for anyone who is a digital nomad. Really nice spacious new accommodation for around €300 per month. A vibrant, albeit small, community of international people looking to grow their businesses here and, for tourists there's so much to see. Loads going on and it's close to the Rhodopi mountains, one my favourite places to be anywhere.

Back with more energy and focus

Sofia in sunshine: National assembly with Alexander nevski churn behin. Radisson hotel is behind me

Sofia in sunshine: National assembly with Alexander nevski churn behin. Radisson hotel is behind me

Due to family bereavement before Christmas, I really struggled to blog and to record more episodes of Bulgaria Now. However, Since April 2015 the weekly show has gone out every Friday -- even a double extra show in the case of the interview with Monty Munford at Digitalk 2015 conference in Sofia.

So what of the future... watch this space. It's always hard to like one's own podcasts. But I loved the exploring Sofia three part series; episodes 32, 33 and 34. These three episodes give a flavour of the new Sofia that is emerging

Then a coincidental approach I made to Hop-Online to see what those guys are up to. I learnt loads there and with one and in a few days the second part of content marketing. Eric works at Hop-Online and once again joins me on the show.

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Sofia Tech Park Revealed

Elitsa Panayotova, CEO of Sofia Tech Park, talks to me about this key new initiative. Elitsa reveals what Sofia Tech Park really means.

She shares the goals of this new €50m tech park and how it aims to bring together the Universities, Business and Government to help create the tech hub that Bulgaria needs.

Construction started in July 2014 and is expected to be finished early 2016. 

A total of eleven laboratories will be built at Tsarigradsko Shose boulevard in Sofia, where the old barracks once stood. 

They will serve as centres for developing scientific research, solving business problems and setting up startup companies. 

Public areas, such as a park, exhibition spaces, a visitor center and bike paths will also be available.

The "Experimentarium" compound will allow the general public an insight into the achievements of companies and universities working at the Sofia Tech Park.

Sofia Tech Park has memorandums for cooperation with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAN), the Sofia Technical University, the Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, the Medical University in Sofia and the University of National and World Economy in Sofia. 

€ 50 M has been allocated for the project by the future EU operational program Innovation and Competitiveness. A national co-funding of € 7.5 M has been secured, while Walltopia, a Bulgarian company that has become one of the world leaders in manufacturing of climbing walls, has also said it would invest into the facility.

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Paromita and Christine; More Than A Business Partnership

Paromita Sanatani and Christine Milner talk to me about their friendship and successful business partnership, Insider's Guide to Sofia and In Your Pocket Guide to Sofia.

Show notes

Paromita and Christine and share with me how they formed their business publishing Sofia guides together. From smoking to restaurants to the top cultural experiences such as the Gold treasures in Natural History Museum and The Architectural Museum and a special time to visit Nevski Church.

They reveal the truth as they see it. 

Pulling no punches on their views of the world here in Bulgaria, their contribution to the media in the country and its image abroad is deep.

They tell about some underhand tactics they encountered. They consider the current issues in Bulgaria, the young, politics. 

There is an after show chat included recounting a scary flight, politics, recent story on Afghanistani children in a Bulgarian school being met with hostility and general feelings on Bulgaria.

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Which One To Buy; iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus?

Fabulous fun. Vesey and I geek out.

A monumentally important announcement from Apple which will have impact for all of us over the years.

Read full show notes at http://banskoblog.com/2014/09/apple-iphone-6-plus-and-an-apple-watch-a-ski-tech-special/

Sunshine and tech speaking to the ever engaging Vesey.

Thank you for listening -- especially if you hate all things Apple.

Lubka's Story


A fascinating discussion with Lubka, one of the most experienced and knowledgable guides in Bulgaria. 

Lubka Tours' office, in Lozenets, in Sofia was a homely place to visit. I arrived to frantic activity of the making of the banitsa. A traditional dish of white cheese (cerine) wrapped in file pastry. Baked with an eggs and milk mixture.

The story of Alexander Nevski Church revealed to me a craving for a second visit to this fascinating church.

I would also like to thank http://lyubatours.com for sponsoring the show.