#82 Bulgaria's back to school. Lots of chaos not much theory. Support the show and save 15%+ on ALL your Amazon purchases by using this link https://purse.io/?_a=BitcoinBulgaria to save 15%+ on ALL your Amazon purchases.

Clive, Imanuel and Marcus all have children in Bulgarian schools. The English teacher who does not speak English. Yes, really. Communist uniformity: choices.

Teachers and under age students smoking cigarettes together by the school gate. It's all part of BG school life -- maybe it's a plan ensuring the life span of ate help tobacco sales or prevent old age burden? Your life span, as a Bulgarian, remains at 74 years rank country 80 (and the lowest out of the EU member states).

Be prepared; it's not a parent's meeting it's a business meeting.

#81 A Lot Of Shouting Involved. Support the show and save 15%+ on ALL your Amazon purchases by using this link https://purse.io/?_a=BitcoinBulgaria to save 15%+ on ALL your Amazon purchases.

Long time expat Imanuel Marcus joins me to talk about the business of music shows and festivals in Bulgaria. Tales of the demanding "talent", some shouting and peculiar views of Bulgarians.

A rant on driving and news on a special new Alliance that will set the standard of independent journalism in Bulgaria. Stay tuned for more.


#79 An Entrepreneurial Playground In The Mountain: Coworking Bansko. CoWorking in the mountains is now a reality. Matthias Zeitler, Irina Pandeva, and their client Cynthia Ord, talk to me about their new initiative for coworking space (coworkingbansko.com) that is putting Bansko on the map for digital nomads. Did you enjoy this show? If so, then follow and subscribe in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bansko/id491461324?ls=1&mt=8 

#78 Sofia Restaurant Week 11th to 17th September. The team from Sofia Restaurant Week join me to talk about food and restaurants. Is the once limited restaurant scene getting better? ... errr Yes. But how much further have things got to go? Why is their still so much crappy service in BG? What's holding back so many restaurants to improve their game?


#77 No Smoke Without Fire. There's no smoke without fire. Clive Leviev-Sawyer joins me to join the dots from Plovdiv's tobacco warehouse burning down, Miteo "The Eyes" shoot up in Sunny Beach and the OneCoin scam. Things are not as they may seem at first sight. Enjoy the dry wit of Clive on these three huge stories.


Episode 76. My new arrival this week. Many Tony bringing much joy. So, as a new daddy, I look to the future and wonder how money will look in 2030. He'll be 14? This show is about saving you money. I saved 19% on my amazon order. And you can too. (it's 100% legitimate of course).

Can you save money whilst using bitcoin in Bulgaria? Please comment in soundcloud with anything you want to know or as me and the team.


Episode 75. Terry evaluates many countries before deciding on Bulgaria. His business employs thirty people in the centre of Sofia. Non corporate fun style.

Entrepreneurship, animals and a fascinating take on life. Unmissable content for anyone interested in setting up a business or looking to move a business to Bulgaria.


Episode 74. Foreignersandfreinds.com is the new website from Imanuel Marcus and Justin Chapman, so I was keen to get to know more about them and their new venture. I ask them about how they ended up in Bulgaria.

I learned about their experience of censorship on a Facebook Group. Guess what? That annoyed them so much they started their own website.


Episode 73. Josh and Zach the two entrepreneur brothers who are originally from Israel -- but having spent several years in New Hampshire in the USA. We talk about their reasons to move to Bulgaria and their BTM (Bitcoin ATM manufacturing business -- see www.lamassu.is). A big story so part 2 coming soon.


Episode 72. Virtual reality is the thing with super nice guy, Momchil Alexieva. I experience an oculus rift for the first time and can now see how this technology is finally (nearly) ready for prime time use.


Episode 71. Mihaela Savova, co-founder of 1Hub is my guest Rebecca and Henk Ovebeek of Bulgaria Now sponsors, aidos.bg join me as we learn more how a co-working space is helping entrepreneurship in Bulgaria. 


Episode 70 and more travel tips to help make the best of your time in Bulgaria.

Episode 69 brings back Eric, Rebecca and others to talk about their favourite places to visit in Bulgaria.


Helping out friends of the new Sofia Restaurant Week was fun with several videos and also this podcast with Hilda. She opens up about her life as one of the premier Jazz singers in Bulgaria and also about life in Bulgaria in the communism era.


Thinking about moving to Bulgaria? Then here are the things that from Rebecca, Eric and I now know that we wish we had known before coming to Bulgaria.

This week's show is with Clive Leviev-Sawyer, from the sofiaglobe.com. We take a look at the more bizarre things we find in Bulgaria. 



Koos Jan Shouten, one of the smartest people I know living in Bulgaria, talks to me about how for the last 18 years he's built a business here and some of the challenges here. Great fun and Koos will be back again in late June.


Bulgaria Now Podcast has a little winter break, but back and I think with renewed energy. But after nine months of being fascinated and totally absorbed in the Bitcoin world I was super happy to complete two show on this topic. Number 63 with Nikolay Mitev and number 64 with Nikolay again and Vladislav Dramaliev. Both passionate Bitcoiners and both I met at the monthly Bitcoin meet up in Sofia. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did recording them.

and Episode 63, which is a good introduction to Bitcoin

From now on, donations "tips" to assist this podcast can be made using Bitcoin -- click on the link below. The smallest tip is much appreciated.


My guests Kalina Petkova and Eric Halsey are part of the growing dynamic team from Hop Online (http://www.hop-online.com) a leading digital marketing agency in Sofia.

We cover the importance of starting as soon as you start your business. To research carefully into where you are (if your business is already up and running) and to plan your digital PR carefully by approaching other media outlets in the correct way.

I'm given advice suitable for fellow podcasters as to how to increase the audience of Bulgaria Now Podcast. We discuss SEO strategy, social media and guest blogging -- but more of that in part 2 next week with Christian Antonoff.


Ivailo ("Ivo") Dachov is my guest to talk about Bansko Beat Music Festival on 10th & 11th July 2015 and the Bohemi Balkan Festival on 26th & 27th June. 

Go to http://banskoblog.com/2015/05/bansko-beat-music-festival-10th-11th-july-james-arthur-headlines/ to see how you can win tickets to Bansko Beat with headliner James Arthur. Links to the music from the acts playing at the Bansko Beat 2015 music festival are all there.


Monty Munford from Mob76 http://www.mob76outlook.com is my guest from Didgitalk2015. Monty is a consultant and contributor to The Economist, The Telegraph, Techcrunch, Mashable, Forbes etc. He talks to me about the importance of in-app chat.

Don't miss listening to this special edition podcast with the "Michael Caine" of the tech world -- the straight talker who says it how it is. Other topics include the impact on millennials on design, the apple watch, twitter and much more


Join Eric Halsey and I in the third of a three part series as we walk the Sofia streets in real time. We start at Cristale Park and ends at Zaimov Park. This is an unedited recording in real time. Listen as you walk with us on the route -- or just hear the sights and sounds of an eclectic Sofia.

Eric is a leading authority on Bulgarian history who lives and works in Sofia. His popular podcast series, The Bulgarian History Podcast, is essential listening. Join us on our thirty five minute walk through the fascinating streets of Sofia. Part 1 is episode #32 and part 2 is episode #33


Join Eric Halsey and I in the second of a three part series as we walk the Sofia streets in real time. We start at Sveta Nedelya Church (outside The Balkan Hotel) and end up at Cristale Park. 


Join Eric Halsey from The Bulgarian History Podcast, and I in the first of a three part series as we walk the Sofia streets in real time. We start at the NDK and end up at Sveta Nedelya Church (outside The Balkan Hotel). 


Entrepreneur friends Philip Walsh and Rory Miller discuss their craft beer making and importing activities. Watch out for more reporting on start ups.

#80 Contempt For The Electorate. 

Politics in Bulgaria is rather odd. From hero to zero from Messiah to "who was that?". Clive Leviev-Sawyer -- the political expert reveals all

You'll be as incredulous as I am as to how things work in these parts. Would you believe it, with just two months from elections, most political parties have no candidates.

Are the electorate really this passive? Is the UN really going to have this woman in charge. Russia vs US politics very much a thing.